Emboss At Alpha Frame

The conversion of this tutorial has been made with permission.
Thank you Mar for your permission.

Description = Version PI 11, but can be done in other versions
Skill Level = All levels of experience
Additional Files = You will need my materials in this zip fileHERE
Author = ©Mars Designs/conversion by Spirit
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Let's Begin & Save Often.

1.Open a new image 400 x 450 transparent.
Using the Magic Wand click inside the new image, go to Edit/Trace Edges/Selection Marquee, keep the default and click OK
From the Dropdown menu change Horizontal Defrom to 2d Object.Opem the eagrad.jpg into the workspace. Go to Edit/Copy then avtivate your main image Edit/Paste/To Fit Selection.

2.Opem into the workspace the framemask.ufo. Activate the framemask Right Click/Duplicate. Using the Pick Tool drag the duplicate frame into the main image. Right Click/Align/Center Both. Close the origional.

3.Using the Path Drawing Tool/Rectangle Draw a rectangle with all edges just outside the centre frame line.

Keep this selected.

4.Open in your workspace the pic insert. Go to Edit/Copy. Activate main image go to Edit/Paste/To Fit Selection. Now in the layer palette drag this pic image down 1 space so it sits under the framemask.
Open the corner.ufo. Activate the corner and drag into the main image. Place it in the top left-hand corner. Right Click/Duplicate. Go to Edit/Rotate-Flip/Flip Horizontally. Place this in the right-hand top corner.
Right Click/Duplicate. Go to Edit/Rotate-Flip/Flip Vertically.Place this in the bottom right-hand corner
Right Click/Duplicate. Go to Edit/Rotate-Flip/Flip Horizontally.Place this in the bottom left-hand corner

Right Click/Merge All and Save.

Remember there are other examples of the completed Tag on Mar's tutorial page.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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