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Reverie Frame

The conversion of this tutorial has been made with permission.
Thank you Mar for your permission.

Description = Version PI 11, but can be done in other versions
Skill Level = All levels of experience Additional Files = You will need my materials in this zip fileHERE
Plus! Flaming Pears Flood FilterHERE
Author = ©Mars Designs/conversion by Spirit
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1.Open a new image 450 X 450 white background. Using the Magic Wand click the white then go to Edit/Trace Edges/Select Marquee. Leave at Default Settings. Click OK.

Now with the Path Drawing Tool activated go to the Drop Down List and change it from Horizontal Deform to 2D Object:

2.Open the gradtile into your workspace
Right click on the grad image and copy. Make your main image active.
Go to Edit/Paste/To Fit Selection. Keep active.

3.Go to Photo/Blur/Gaussian Blur/Options and apply these settings, then click OK
Keep active.

4.Effects/Flood and apply these settings, then click OK.

Right click/Merge All. This is what you should have now:

5.Open the frame.ufo into the workspace, right click on the and copy.
With the Pick Tool active hold and drag the copy into the main image. Right click/Shadow and apply these settings. Click OK.

6.Activate the Transform Tool and rotate this image 15 degrees anti-clockwise.

7.Right Click/Merge all. Now we will apply the Flood Filter again except this time change the "Horizon" from 65 to 75.

8.With the Path Drawing Tool active - colour #002A69.Select Border=1 and shadow checked ,click on the white square to the right of "shadow" and apply these settings to be used:

Draw a 2D image with the rectanglecovering the entire image. (go right to the edges)
Now change this to "3D Pipe" Width=15 Depth=10.

Keep active.

9.Right Click/Duplicate the edge you just made and change the settings for the "3D pipe" to Width=5 Depth=30.Here is what you should have now:

Right Click/Merge All.

10.Reapply the Flood Filter using the last settings.
Open both the drape and tree ufo's into the workspace. Right Click/Copy the drape and using the Pick Tool drag the copy into your main image.
Place it so that the side runs along the last border made, and the top the same so that it looks like it is coming out from behind ther top border.
Do the same with your tree ufo and place where shown:

Right Click/Merge All and Save.

Remember there are other examples of the completed Tag on Mar's tutorial page.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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