Scrapbook Lace

Description = Version PIX3, but can be done in other versions
Skill Level = All levels of experience
Additional Files = You will need Dingbat Fonts of your choice. You may download the ones I used below.
Author = ©Spirit13au

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This is a vey simple and quick method in creating Scarpbook Lace. There are many good fonts/dingbats that can give you some excellent results.
Shown on black so it will stand out. These can be done in any colour or colourised to suit your needs. For this I used "Designs Galore Dingbat" HERE

Open your chosen dingbat on your desktop then minimise it. Then open PI.
Sceenshot below of the steps shown below:
1.Open a new image to a size you are comfortable with and using the 'Text Tool' create your dingbat.
2.Duplicate this a few times and align, select 1 right click select all objects and merge as a single object.
You can duplicate and join them to create the size you wish.
You could also use it as is or do the following.
3.Erase the bottom half of your lace.
4.Then using the painbrush in "mode" paint a hemline along the bottom (the size of the hem is your choice) With the hem still selected right click select all objects and merge as a single object.

And that's it!

Other Samples below...click image to download the dingbat/font:
"Designs Galore Dingbat"

"Grids N Things Dingbat"

"Kaleidoscope Dingbat"

"Fleurons Dingbat"

A Pixel Art sample of a lace

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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