Victorian Lace Card

The conversion of this tutorial has been made with permission.
Thank you Mar for your permission.

Description = Version PI 11, but can be done in other versions Skill Level = All levels of experience
Additional Files = You will need my materials in this zip fileHERE
Author = ©Mars Designs/conversion by Spirit
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Save Often
In your PI workspace create a New Image 450 x 400 Transparent Background.
Using the Path Draw Tool/Rectangle - Colour White draw a rectangle 381 x 321.
Using the Pick Tool Place this rectangle as shown below:

Now, open up in your workspace the envelope.ufo from the zip file.
Right click/Duplicate then using the left mouse button hold down
and drag the duplicate into your main image.
Close the origional now without saving.
Place the top as shown below:

Save & minimize this in your workspace for now.

Open up the notepaper.ufo & MD-Victorian-5.jpg
With the notepaper.ufo go to Edit/Duplicate/Base Image with Objects.
Close the origional.
Right click/Copy on the MD-Victorian-5.jpg. Then highlight the notepaper once again,
Go to Edit/Paste/Paste As An Object. Go to Adjust/Resize. Make sure Selected Object
is checked and resize the image by 95% Click OK.Right click/Align/Center Both.
This is what you should have now:

With the MD-Victorian-5.jpg image still active. Go to Easy Palette/Library/Masks/Circle/CO7
double click on this to apply the mask.
Rightclick/Select All Objects...Right click/Merge As A Single Object.

Now maximize your main image and drag the notepaper into this.Place as shown below:

Open the notepapertrim.ufo Right Click/Duplicate and drag the duplicated copy into the main image.
Place it as shown below:

Add your text now. I will Leave the wording up to you.

Open up into the workspace note.ufo & pen.ufo. Right Click/Duplicate both images and drag both the
duplicated copies into the main image. Place it as shown below:

In the Layer Palette holding down the shift key activate the envelope, envelope top and note,
Righet Click/Merge As A Single Object. Click on the Base to deselect the envelope.

In the Layer Palette holding down the shift key activate the notepaper, notepapertrim, pen and text,
Righet Click/Merge As A Single Object.

I then applied a Shadow on both individually:
On the envelope I used these settings:

On the notepaper I used these settings:

Merge All and Save.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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