Creating Slats

Create a new image 350x300 transparent

Using the Selection Tool/Rectangle
Draw a narrow slat strip and flood fill with Black

Duplicate this strip the number of times as to how many strips you want
Line them up evenly side by side

Arrange the strips in a design of your choice
Select all and merge visible.

Using the Magic Wand click anywhere on the transparent space, go to Selection/Invert.Keep selected
Activate the image you are using for your slats.Copy
Activate your slat image. Paste Into Selection. Deselect

Apply a 'Drop Shadow
If you want you can also add a tube to your slats
Copy/Paste/As A new Layer add a drop shadow
Merge all & save

Another 2 samples


elf12nextbut.jpg - 6230 Byteself12button1.jpg - 1410 Byteself12backbut.jpg - 6303 Bytes

elf12sitemapbut.jpg - 6230 Byteself12button1.jpg - 1410 Byteself12homebut.jpg - 6303 Bytes

elf12logo.jpg - 6230 Bytes

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